Power of Good Mind

Speaker: Ervad. Tehemton Mirza

Vendidad. Zarathushtra’s Instruction Manual for better living

Speaker: Ervad. Firdosh Bulsara

Spenta Armaity. The caretaker of earth

Speaker: Ervad. Xerxes Madan

Asha Vahishta. Our Tour Guide for Good Living

Speaker: Mobedyar Khushroo Mirza

The Achievements and Challenges of Young Mobeds in North America

Moderators: Houtoxi F. Contractor and Ervad Soli P. Dastur.
Panelists: Ervad Bahrom Firozgary, Ervad Zerkxis Bhandara, Ervad Burzin Balsara, Ervad Rayomand Ravji, Ervad Rayomand Katrak


Mobeds from all over North America led by Ervad Zarrir Bhandara perform the opening Jashan at the XVII North American Zoroastrian Congress 2014 in Los Angeles, California


Mobeds from all over North America led by Ervad Pervez Patel perform the opening benediction at the XVI North American Zarathushti Congress 2012 in New York City