Rates for priestly services

NAMC provides the following guidelines for “Ashodad” or “Kadr-Dani” for performing religious services as requested by the family.

Weddings / Gavah / Navjote / Sedreh–Pooshi $ 500 per Mobed per individual ceremony
Jashan / Jashan–Khani / Afargan /Avesta-e-Seeom / Avesta-e-Saal $ 250 per Mobed per individual ceremony
Funeral Ceremonies:
Geh Saarnu (prayers at funeral home)
Day Uthamnu / Avesta-e-Sevom
Night Uthamnu / Avesta-e-Shaab
Chaharom / Avesta-e-Chaharom
Porseh (Memorial Service)
$ 250 per Mobed per individual ceremony

Travel and accommodation (in addition to above amounts):
Pre-paid Air ticket and / or mileage as appropriate
Overnight accommodation as appropriate

Use of Association facilities and supplies: as per Association regulations

Consideration should be given to geographical and logistical variations through North America and financial ability of the family requesting these prayers.

Issued: May 2015