Welcome to North American Mobeds Council

The North American Mobeds Council was incorporated as a religious organization, under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada on September 24th 1992 and was granted a tax exempt status by the Government of Canada, in 1993. The NAMC was officially formed on April 14, 1990, when a group of Mobeds, from all over North America, gathered together in New York, to approve the constitution and the by-laws governing the Council, that was discussed and drafted a year earlier, in Montreal.

The main objective of the Council is to direct, guide and assist the Zoroastrian Communities in North America in the perpetuation of the Zoroastrian religion on the North American continent, without either imposing its views or accepting any control from any other body or organization. The Council enjoys a cordial relationship with the Council of Iranian Mobeds in North America (CIMNA), keeping each other aware of all the activities.

NAMC Mobeds at the AGM 2016

STANDING: (From Left to Right): Ervad. Pervez Patel (NY), Ervad. Rohinton Madon (NJ), Ervad. Nozer Kotwal (Ontario), Ervad. Rohinton Dadina (NY), Ervad. Adil Masani (PA), Ervad. Noshir Karanjia (NJ), Ervad. Tehemton Mirza (Ontario), Ervad. Jehangir Madon (NJ), Ervad. Khushroo Bharda (Ontario), Ervad. Minocher Dadachanji (PA) and Ervad. Xerxes Madon (Ontario).

SITTING: (From left to Right): Ervad. Behram Panthaki (MD), Ervad. Jehan Bagli (Ontario), Ervad. Kobad Zarolia (Ontario), Ervad. Adi Unwalla (NJ) and Ervad. Arda Minocherhomji (CA).